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We've all had those moments of self-doubt - told to 'just be ourselves', to 'just get on with it', or 'man up'. We dream about achieving success on our own terms, but with an increasingly uncertain future (looking at you, current economy) those dreams can seem impossible. For many young people suffering from anxiety and depression-related illnesses - 1 in 4 university students to be precise - it's hard to imagine leading a thriving and happy life when we can barely bring ourselves to get out of bed in the morning or open our emails (seriously is it just me?)
Meanwhile, suicide is the leading cause of death in men under the age of 45, even though women are reportedly 'more likely' to suffer from mental health problems.
These are far more than just impersonal statistics. 
We are all affected.

Being familiar with anxiety and depression and the havoc they cause, MOTIVATEE was founded by anxious entrepreneur Charlotte Scott as a socially-conscious alternative to fast fashion. We are proud to donate 40% of our annual profits to mental health charity Leeds MIND to support life-saving services. Our blog The Anxious Entrepreneur is dedicated to break down the stigma of mental illness in a corporate culture where vulnerability is shunned, helping fellow freelancers tackle nerve-wracking business situations and remove the shame surrounding seeking professional help.  

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