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Welcome to MOTIVATEE!
Our healthcare services are oversubscribed and underfunded. Those managing a mental illness (which turns out to be LOT of us) could wait up to 18 weeks for treatment by a mental health professional. Unfortunately, volunteer services such as Samaritans and MIND are equally stretched.
Being familiar with anxiety and the havoc it causes, we at MOTIVATEE decided to take matters into our own hands and find a sustainable way of funding the mental health charities that are a lifeline to so many.
And so MOTIVATEE was born. 
Founded by anxious entrepreneur Charlotte Scott, we are dedicated to raising awareness of well-being and changing the negative narrative surrounding mental illness in the workplace. We are proud to dedicate 40% of our annual profits to mental health charity MIND, so you can be sure that when you shop with us and invest in some self-care, you are caring for others too!
Whether you're busy building that empire, smashing it at the gym, or striding towards your own personal success, we understand that everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes, and know our products will do just that.
Happy shopping!
Charlotte Scott, Founder
Read about Charlotte's adventures as an anxious entrepreneur here.