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HOW TO: Overcome Fear of Failure - and the surprising emotion behind it

Starting a company (or indeed pursuing any authentic interest or kick-starting a project in life) carries with it the risk of failure. We know this, and the more emotionally intelligent among us can acknowledge the discomfort of failure as an inevitable and important opportunity to learn. But for us more skittish (and...

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HOW TO: Nail Networking Events

Rare beings do exist who don't mind formal networking events. (Allegedly.) For these homo-super-sapiens, walking 5 minutes late into a room of suits and indecipherable name-tags leaves them completely unaffected. Unfortunately for the anxious entrepreneur, networking events are a necessary and occasionally terror-inducing element of business. We break down tried and...

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HOW TO: 'Just Do' anything and supercharge your productivity

'Just Do It' is also something of an entrepreneurial commandment, which is unfortunate for those when this anxiety-inducing mantra doesn't help them leap on seemingly simple task.    We break down what Nike didn't tell you in this infographic that will inspire productivity! 

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The Only 3 People You Need Know in Business

Getting a foot in the door - whether a company, hotel bar or house party - is a sure-fire way to advance your business network by rubbing shoulders with right people. Here's how to make sure you and your business idea don't get left outside.

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