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HOW TO: Nail Networking Events

Rare beings do exist who don't mind formal networking events. (Allegedly.) For these homo-super-sapiens, walking 5 minutes late into a room of suits and indecipherable name-tags leaves them completely unaffected. Unfortunately for the anxious entrepreneur, networking events are a necessary and occasionally terror-inducing element of business. We break down tried and...

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HOW TO: 'Just Do' anything and supercharge your productivity

'Just Do It' is also something of an entrepreneurial commandment, which is unfortunate for those when this anxiety-inducing mantra doesn't help them leap on seemingly simple task.    We break down what Nike didn't tell you in this infographic that will inspire productivity! 

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The Only 3 People You Need Know in Business

Getting a foot in the door - whether a company, hotel bar or house party - is a sure-fire way to advance your business network by rubbing shoulders with right people. Here's how to make sure you and your business idea don't get left outside.

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