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A band asked the world what it means to be human. The response was epic.

A band asked the world what it means to be human. The response was epic.

oh wonder
London-based indie duo, Oh Wonder, have reached out to the world to ask what it means to be human. And the world answered.
The response was 7 minutes of calm, wisdom and life-affirming awesomeness.
Exploring what it means to be human, what our value is, and trying to find a purpose are just the questions which a depressed brain can continuously mull over (often to its own detriment). No one has a concrete answer to these questions, and we have just a blink of time to figure them out before we go. In our darkest times, we might feel we don't have the answer and no future. But we have the time to figure it out, and always a second chance at it all. There's always hope.
'You're never out of the game until you're actually dead. As long as you got breath in your lungs and you're still breathing and you're still moving, there will always be a second chance.'
Recovery from depression can be a lengthy process. Rediscovering yourself after breaking through the surface requires you to reflect on the beliefs at your core to find reasons to carry on. Keeping a business or career afloat when you can barely stay buoyant yourself can feel impossible at times. But if we can hold on, find our reasons to live - whatever they may be - then no matter how lonely, or hard, or irksome the journey can seem, we got this.
For the full project and more information visit: https://allwedo.ohwondermusic.com

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